• Free Salary Negotiation Masterclass for Women Using AI

    November 7th, 12 pm EST + 1 More Date to come


    Unlock your earning potential and gain the confidence you need to ask for what you deserve!

    Join us for a free salary negotiation workshop, led by women's leadership expert Samantha Karlin and Hena Jawaid, global HR executive. 

    In this empowering session, you'll learn how to understand your true value, quantify your achievements, and assess market trends specific to your industry.

    But that's not all – we'll also introduce you to the power of artificial intelligence to supercharge your salary negotiations, while teaching the evidence-based tactics that are specific to womanhood.

    Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to advance in your career and shatter glass ceilings.

    Save your spot now! Limited to 50 women.

  • Save Your Spot Now!

    Only 50 spots available



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  • Success Stories :)


    "I was terrified to ask for a raise, and my organization was clear that the highest they go is 2%-3% per year and one level up. Samantha gave me brilliant coaching, and I was the only one in the org to be offered a 10% salary raise, a title promotion, and a 2 level skip."


    "Utilizing our strengths assessment and the WLC class on Strengths Based Leadership in The Women's Leadership Challenge, I walked in to my boss armed and ready. I walked out $40,000 a year richer. Couldn't have been more thrilled. "


    "I was scared to ask for what I wanted negotiating my offer for a new C-suite role. With the info that I learned from The Women's Leadership Challenge about my values, experience, and what I stand for, as well as a tremendous boost in confidence, I asked for a 30K higher salary than I was planning to, as well as other stipulations that were important to me. I GOT ALL OF IT."