• The Future is Female.

    Are you feeling stuck? Looking for your next step? Want to lead like a woman?

    Write that book you've been putting off? Start a business? Get a raise?

    Join a global network? Create social change?


    Welcome to a leadership course for women ready to FULLY step into their power, conquer imposter syndrome, lead with authenticity


    change the world.

  •  Women call it LIFE CHANGING.

    “The Women’s Leadership Challenge is the real deal. What a great way to close out Women’s History Month with the completion of a 9 month course on women’s leadership that has truly
    changed my life. The course would take me on a journey complete with
    learning about feminist and transformational leadership, concepts on how to
    lead a shift from a dominant culture to a partnership culture at any
    organization, how to raise the voices of the voiceless, and how to step into my
    own personal power as a dynamic female leader. I got that and so much more!

    I met the most amazing women who are my forever sisters.

    If you are a woman looking for a course that will empower you, take you to the next level
    and create a safe space to be vulnerable among some amazing women, I encourage
    you to consider the Women’s Leadership Challenge.” - Lakysha Llaing, Director of Customer Care, Cox Communications


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    16 Modules

    Topics Like: Building Confidence, Strengths Based Leadership, Feminist Theory,

    Systems Change, Failing Fabulously

    8 women per group

    Executive Coaching

    Personalized Support

    Feminist Change Initiative

    Personalized "Matchmaking": 1:1 Networking

    Design Your Own Intrinsic Power Map

    Lifelong Network of Women from 36 countries




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  • "How often in life do you have an experience where your life is transformed??? That's what the Women's Leadership Challenge did for me." - Lesley Zafran, Strategic Non-Profit Planner

  • This is my time. I deserve to put me first for once. I want to lead change in this world.

    On your free coaching call, we will get clear on what you want in this life, what's holding you back, and discuss whether the women's leadership challenge is the right fit for you.

  • we are a diverse community of global women

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