• Application FAQs

    How are groups composed?

    Groups are formed intentionally for synergy. We look for is a diverse group of women with regards to industry, race, religion and geography (for virtual).


    What do you look for in applicants?

    • Positivity
    • Open-mindedness
    • A commitment to gender equality
    • A commitment to empowering other women
    • Leadership experience 
    • Min. 5 years work experience out of college
    • A social conscience
    • A global outlook

    What level should I be at in my career?

    Applicants are typically mid career or senior level and up. We have had participants from ages 25-70.

    It is not for entry level women and not for current students/grad students.


    Is there a deadline to apply?

    Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and are FILLED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Once a cohort is full, the next one will not be offered until the next season (6 mths later).


    How much is the financial investment? 

    The program's investment is on par or much less than other women's leadership programs. Don't worry, it is nothing crazy! (Harvard charges $13,000 for a 4 day program- WTAF) It is WAYYY under this. By thousands and thousands of dollars.
    Pricing can vary based upon income and the opportunity for work reimbursement. We do utilize $500 from every woman's tuition who is high up in corporate America and use it to subsidize partial scholarships for those making under 50K.
    Payment plans are available for those who need it. Basically, if we want you, we will do our best to help you make it work.

    Can I get work to cover this? 

    It depends upon your workplace. Many women have been able to get their employers to cover either half or all of the program cost, under the workplace's professional development budgets. A few employers that have covered the program in the past are:
    Booz Allen Hamilton
    Department of Defense
    and many more...


    How many scholarships are available? What are your scholarship packages?

    Two PARTIAL scholarships are available per cohort based on income, thanks to generous sponsors.

    Please note that these are partial scholarships, not full scholarships.

    The Program does still have a significant financial investment for scholarship recipients, as we consider being willing to invest in yourself a leadership criteria.


    How Do I become a Sponsor?

    If you are interested in showing your company's commitment to gender equality and DEI by becoming a sponsor, email info@empowerglobal.net for sponsorship packages.


    Thank you to our generous sponsors, Trillium Creative Solutions, UNUM, AND LESLEY ZAFRAN STRATEGIC NONPROFIT PLANNING