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    The Women’s Leadership Accelerator 

    for Companies, Government Agencies + NonProfits

  • What is the Women's Leadership Accelerator?

    A choose your own adventure experience for corporations and nonprofits, where they can choose modules to suit the needs of the women in their companies.

  • What this program can do for your company...

    1. Confronts gender specific barriers women face in the workplace and gives them tools to navigate effectively

    2. Helps women identify their values, their strengths, their unique attributes, their work styles and their mission, defining who they authentically are

    3. Gives them courage and confidence

    4. Trains them to become transformational, powerful, inclusive leaders

    5. Networks women across a company and builds a strong, empowering community of women jointly invested in helping each other rise

  • Module Choices

    Each module will run 2 to 2.5 hours long, these can be completed virtually or in person. In person sessions outside of the USA can be 5-10 days with 1 session per day. There is also the option to do the women's leadership accelerator in a cohort. Companies can choose up to 35 women to participate per cohort.



  • Some Statistics...

    • No country in the world has reached gender parity.
    • 58 percent of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. - HBR

    • Only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and a staggeringly low 13% worldwide are engaged. Managers account for the variance.

    • Less than HALF of leaders feel they are effective in leadership skills most critical for future success. Global Leadership Forecast 2021

    • It will take 135.6 years to reach gender parity, up from about 100 years before the pandemic hit. World Economic Forum

    • Women in stem are 807% more likely to leave their jobs vs those in other fields.

  • Impact on Tech Companies

    “A majority of TMT women (51%) feel less optimistic about their career prospects now than before the crisis broke, and 57% expect to leave their current employer for a new role within two years, citing lack of work/life balance as the biggest reason. What’s more, a startling 22% are considering leaving the workforce altogether, motivated chiefly by workload increases that are affecting their well-being.” Deloitte


    Impact on Finance Companies

    • Since 2020 when Covid-19 hit many companies have turned their focus to driving better, and broader, equitable outcomes as they embraced their corporate responsibility and embedded DEI elements into their strategies, policies, and mission statements. 
    • Women are disproportionately shouldered many of the pandemic-related hardships. The repercussions felt by women in the workforce—irrespective of industry or job level—will likely reverberate for years. 
    • Retaining women currently serving in C-suite leadership roles, growing the pipeline of women in senior leadership roles who are prepared to rise in the ranks, and focusing on women who have left the workforce and may wish to return should be of concern to women and men in leadership positions. 
    • The gap between women in the C-suite and women in senior leadership roles is currently 9%. Financial services firms will need to take intentional, strategic actions in areas such as recruitment, retention, succession planning, and return-to-office work arrangements. If they don’t ramp up efforts now, this gap may widen to as much as 14% by 2030. Deloitte
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