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    Elevating Women to Senior Leadership

    What is the Women's Leadership Accelerator?

    A choose your own adventure experience for corporations and nonprofits, where you can choose a series of modules to suit the needs of women in your organization.

  • What this program can do for your company...

    1. Confronts gender specific barriers women face in the workplace and gives them tools to navigate effectively
    2. Helps women craft their UVP: Unique value proposition
    3. Works with women to identify their values, their strengths, their unique attributes, their work styles and their mission, defining who they authentically are
    4. Gives them courage and confidence
    5. Trains them to become transformational, powerful, inclusive leaders
    6. Networks women across a company and builds a strong, empowering community of women jointly invested in helping each other rise


    Employee turnover rates costs employers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Women are leaving at unprecedent rates.


    One of the goals of the program is create a greater sense of leadership among women, making sure they are successful and happy in their workplaces, and increasing retention rates.

  • What Clients Say...


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  • Module Choices

    Each module runs 2 to 2.5 hours long, these can be completed virtually or in person. In person sessions outside of the USA can be 5-10 days with 1 session per day. There is also the option to do the women's leadership accelerator in a cohort. Companies can choose up to 35 women to participate per cohort.


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