An Eight Month Training Program Developing Feminist Transformational Leaders

    Our mission is to positively impact the status quo of women globally.

  • Theory of Women’s Transformational Leadership Development

    Transformational Leadership is a new style of leadership needed to adapt to a changing world.

    We are teaching NEW leadership based on collaboration, empathy, inclusion, values, and courage.




    The Women's Leadership Challenge will train you in the skills practiced by the great feminist leaders of today - Jacinda Ardern, Christine LaGarde, Stacey Abrams, Angela Merkel among others.

    We will counter imposter syndrome and self doubt, and help you discover what is most unique about you as a leader.

    We will explore the gender specific challenges you face as a woman, and design strategies to navigate them and change the system as a whole. 

    You will gain the courage to advocate for yourself and others, speak truth to power, utilize your strengths, and become an agent for change. 

    You will gain perspective on the lives of women far different than you, from other countries, industries, races, and religions, growing your aperture to lead diverse teams.

    And then there's your power circle. This is where the magic really happens.

    77% of women who place high on the career ladder have a strong, trusted inner circle of women who help them make connections and circumvent traditional barriers to success.

    You will have your own cohort of 8 other women leaders to support you, as well as become part of a global community of feminist leaders from across sectors.

    These will become your sisters, elevating you always and forever.


    Together, we are redefining leadership, and creating a new future where women lead the way.


    Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?


  • Upcoming Cohorts

    Cohort K, Julia Gillard: begins March 2023, in person- hybrid, Washington, DC; one evening 7-9:30 pm EST (every other week) (FULL!)



    Cohort L, Hasina Kharbhih: begins June 2023, virtual, 2.5 hours every other week (1 Spots Left!)

    (evening, every other week)


    Cohort M, Lucille Ball: begins October 2023, in person-hybrid,

    Washington, DC, Monday or Tuesday evening, (every other week)


    Cohort N, Morgan Dixon: begins October 2023, virtual,

    Washington, DC; 2.5 hrs (every other week)

  • This is my time. I deserve to put me first for once. I want to lead change in this world.

    On your free coaching call, we will get clear on what you want in this life, what's holding you back, and discuss whether the women's leadership challenge is the right fit for you.

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