Keys to Emotional Self Regulation


After training over 2,000 people leaders over the last three years, one of my latest awakenings is how critical emotional self regulation is to leadership. A lot of people operate in a state of reacting without understanding why they are reacting the way that they are.

It is important to understand that emotional self regulation is not the same as emotional suppression, the latter of which is unhealthy.

Rather, it is putting into place the physiological set up where you're able to exert control over your emotions, or reinterpret a situation so as to prevent destructive emotions/behavior from occurring or to facilitate the creation of positive emotions.

A few tools we covered:
Physical Needs like Sleep, Exercise, taking care of your health (@ Arianna Huffington)

Making Time for activities, people, experiences that bring you joy, and savoring those experiences

Cognitive Reappraisal or Reframing - how you interpret a situation determines the emotions that result which then determines your behavior

Mindfulness and Savoring

The PERMAH profile (visit for this assessment on human flourishing)

I also asked this question, which I frequently ask, which I invite you to comment on here- what brings you joy?